Proper Sleeping Posture

Sleep patterns also define the condition of acne on back. If you rub too much on the bed surface then there are chances of damaging the condition of back acne especially when you happen to be facing a severe acne condition on back. In such condition it is strictly advised to change your sleeping posture. If you sleep straight with our face up font then it is time you should switch to other positions such as sideways. This would ensure that at least the problem of back acne is not aggravating. If you are allergic to blankets and furs then use simple sheets of cotton to prevent a serious condition on back.



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  1. Brook

    You do wash your face everynight, dont you? So assuming you dont have acne or another skin condition that may suffer I feel that once a week is a good amount of time for a pillowcase and two weeks for sheets (I wear long PJ pants and a t-shirt everynight). More often is a good idea if you sweat a lot or sleep with less clothes on.

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