Home remedies for back acne

A mixture of tomato juice with some fresh mint leaf juice is a great combination for acne condition on back. Take the help of someone if you find it difficult to apply this mixture on your back. After a gentle massage on the back with this mixture leave it for an hour or so. Once it is dry, rinse the back with water and apply a clean cloth to dry off the back area. This is great way to provide useful moisture to the skin without increasing the oil content in body. This great home recipe also helps to fight the bacteria invasion effectively.

Another great back acne home remedy is to use the lemon juice with a handful of coarse ground rice to create a mixture. Apply this on your back in the form of a scrub and wash it once it is dry. This is a great way to keep the presence of bacteria under control. It also helps to extract unwanted oil from the skin pores and works well in preventing back acne scars. Apply this mixture more than three times a day for effective results.



3 Responses to Home remedies for back acne

  1. Emilee

    I never have cows milk in the house and would prefer not to have to buy it just to do this I tried the gelatin milk mixture for blackheads…..WOW did it clean out my pores! It was simple to make and worked like a charm, I will be trying it again !

  2. Royce Terrance

    Mix one part of freshly squeezed lemon juice with an equal part of rose or honey water. Put the mixture on affected areas for at least half an hour. Wash it afterwards with water.

  3. Haley Gosey

    Mix one tablespoon black pepper with curd to create a thick paste. Apply mixture to face or other affected area and allow to dry. Gently wash off .

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