Ensuring a proper Hygiene

To completely get rid of back acne, you will have to maintain a good level of hygiene in your routine life. Keep your daily operations clean and clear and always use an anti bacterial soap or shampoo while taking a shower. Make a habit of taking at least two showers a day to keep the body clean and dirt free. If you are already having a certain amount of acne on back then make sure you do not make the condition worse by rubbing excessively. Keep a gentle touch while cleaning the back area or if you face any trouble, take the help of your accomplice in a gentle back clean up. After a quick shower dry out the back skin and wear loose clothes to keep a sufficient amount of air flow throughout the body. Managing a proper hygiene is itself a great treatment procedure for acne.



3 Responses to Ensuring a proper Hygiene

  1. Beryl Freggiaro

    Compared to pimples found on the face, the symptoms, physical effects, psychological impact and treatments are similar in nature. However, body acne can be more challenging to deal with because the skin is composed of larger pores, which can increase the probability of blockage. When combined with fitted clothing, increased sweat production, larger surface area of the skin, exposure to dirt and other environmental elements, this problem can be almost impossible to deal with.

  2. Luciano Prigmore

    Often, body acne can also be caused by comedogens in cosmetics, certain drugs, vitamins or nutritional supplements you may be taking, or a condition called pityrosporum folliculitis or “sweat acne.” Many products, even those not normally associated with the skin, can cause acne on the body.

  3. rochell

    Select your option(s) to see store availability at your store. The Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash works best on your body, and helps you stay away from regular body breakouts present on your back, chest or shoulders. What is really special about this face wash is you just need not compromise on your shower experience.

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